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Johnston-Willis Hospital


Orthopedic Surgery

Johnston-Willis Hospital's orthopedic program brings a team approach to your care. From joint replacements to surgical repair to therapy, our experience and expertise means less pain and faster recovery. Recognized with a Joint Commission Gold Seal for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement, we are one of the experts in the region when it comes to restoring your mobility.

Total Hip Replacement

When joint pain is severe and interferes with daily activities and work, joint replacement may be an option. Signs that it might be time for a hip replacement:

  • You’re no longer as mobile as you’d like to be
  • Your pain persists or recurs over time
  • Your hip aches during and after exercise
  • Medication and using a cane aren’t delivering enough relief
  • Your hip stiffens up from sitting in a car or not moving for a certain period of time
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping
  • Your hip is stiff or swollen

Total Knee Replacement

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body and is most easily injured. It is made up of four major things: bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Your knee is a complex joint with many components, making it vulnerable to a variety of injuries. Many knee injuries can be successfully treated with simple measures, such as bracing and rehabilitation exercises. Other injuries may require surgery to correct. The most common knee injuries include fractures around the knee, dislocation, and sprains and tears of soft tissues. Pain and swelling are the most common signs of knee injury.

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