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Meet Vanessa, a breast cancer survivor who received treatment at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis Hospital.

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, but it can also affect men. At Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis Hospital, we offer complete breast care close to home.

If you suspect you may have breast cancer or you’re worried about a family member who does, consult with the experts at Johnston-Willis Hospital. As a National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) accredited breast center and Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, we can provide you with the compassion and expert health care you’re looking for.

Complete Breast Cancer Support

The more you know, the better your outcome can be. That's why at Johnston-Willis, we integrate education and support throughout our program of care. You benefit from our broad range of services, including:

  • A breast imaging nurse navigator to assist with your care.
  • Lymphedema services.
  • Rehabilitation services to help you improve your quality of life.
  • The Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center, which provides educational materials and a resource library.
  • Support groups to guide you from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and life after cancer.

Breast Cancer Screening

Our breast cancer screening services are available to help you identify your risk for breast cancer and develop an individualized care plan to reduce those risks. We can also work with your family to identify their risks.

Our mammography services include digital mammography, 3-D mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast density assessment and a wide range of biopsy techniques. These tests are performed by a radiologist who will review the results with you. If a biopsy is required, we’ll work with you to schedule it.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Our board-certified pathologists offer timely and accurate diagnosis and the latest in molecular testing for breast cancer. Our breast center staff will contact you with your screening results as well as explain and schedule any additional diagnostic testing.

A positive breast cancer diagnosis is found with a biopsy (an examination of the breast tissue). A breast biopsy helps your treatment team learn more about the type of cancer you have. Breast cancer can start anywhere in the breast tissue, but the most common places are in the ducts and lobules. The cancer cells in these areas may eventually form a tumor or invade nearby tissue, such as the chest wall or lymph glands. Your biopsy will help your physicians determine your individualized treatment plan and road to recovery.

Breast Cancer Treatment

At Johnston-Willis, we offer many treatment options to help you get back to your family and everyday life. Your breast cancer treatment plan may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

You can trust you’re in capable hands with our expert team. Your treatment team may include mammography and ultrasound technologists, breast radiologists, a breast imaging nurse navigator, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Your treatment team attends a multidisciplinary tumor board where your case is presented and discussed to ensure you receive the best possible care. Also, our partnership with Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute gives your treatment team access to leading-edge therapies and clinical trials that give our patients access to the newest advances in cancer treatment.

Breast Imaging Nurse Navigator

If you need further testing, a biopsy or high-risk counseling, your dedicated breast imaging nurse navigator will guide you along the way. The nurse navigator coordinates the scheduling services of our breast care team and will work closely with you and your doctors so you'll know your options and receive the treatment, care, education and support you need.

Barbara Stannard RN, CN-BN
Breast Imaging Nurse Navigator
Phone: (804) 483-6263
Fax: (804) 483-6281